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grazia (n. grace)

Navigating Health and Wellness Options for Graceful Aging

Laura Graziano speaking at East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club, Oakland CA

Laura Graziano speaking at East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club, Oakland CA


It all started when...

In 2012 my mother was diagnosed with bone cancer, which began my journey into the world of plant healing. The use of Cannabis for increasing her appetite and as an immunity booster for her chemotherapy treatments illustrated how plants hold the key to unlocking a healthier way of life and ease physical and emotional pain from the transition of this material world into the realm of spirit.

From Berkeley California to the jungles of Ecuador I have experienced healing through various types of plant medicines used to ease anxiety, cope with grief, reduce inflammation, protect cells, stop bleeding, detoxify the body, the list goes on.

In 2017 I graduated with my Certificate in Health Advocacy focusing in Geriatrics from UC Berkeley.  The role of the Health Advocate is to improve the condition, avoid harm, and protect the rights of seniors while helping them understand the healthcare system.  Many seniors face abuse in the form of physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, and deprivation of goods or services.  As a mandated reporter I have assumed responsibility for caring for seniors and elders and abide by the NAHAC Code of Ethics

Social isolation leaves seniors vulnerable to elder abuse and increases the risk of mortality.  The California senior population is entering a period of rapid growth so that by 2030 the Baby Boomers will grow by 87% (4 million adults over 65).  

Seniors with an active social life show slower rates of memory decline and have a healthier quality of life. One of my goals in working with seniors is to provide information on various types of activities;  it turns out that bingo and sewing are NOT seniors' favorite activities!

I attended classes at Oaksterdam University (Cannabis Training School), and founded the East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club, an education and social forum for our senior population to learn about Cannabis as medicine. I have been interviewed by Merry Jane, Snoop Dog's production company, filmed by iNFUSED Weekly and published in SFChronicle.

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Be well.   Laura K. Graziano, M.A. Certified Health Advocate

Be well. 

Laura K. Graziano, M.A. Certified Health Advocate