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Grazia Advocacy's core mission is to help clients and their families by understanding common psycho-social needs of individuals, particularly the elderly, various levels of care, and how to assist individuals and family members with complex medical issues that arise. 

Compassionate, heart-centered advocacy provides relief from the stress and confusion of diagnosis, treatment, and transition by using shared decision-making methods between advocate and client. Advising patients and their families regarding healthcare issues by understanding of the continuum of options available for both inpatients and outpatients, including skilled nursing facilities rehabilitation services, home health and hospice services. 

Grazia Advocacy Services:

  • The ability to appraise clinical literature and translate key research information for patients and their families
  • Experience completing POLST and Advanced Care Directives
  • An understanding of long-term care settings, including surmounting challenges to congregate living environments
  • Advocating for individualized care/treatment by optimizing quality of life and quality of care
  • Working with families and various healthcare professionals in medical and therapeutic systems



    Cannabis coaching for seniors

    Many of us need a little extra help these days understanding how medical Cannabis can work best for our different bodies.  Our Endocannabinoid Systems are as individual as we are!  Many seniors can reduce the use of prescription drugs, sleep better, and reduce inflammation and pain by including whole plant medicine.  The Grazia Advocacy network can help seniors understand strains, methods of ingestion, and guide individuals and groups with a better understanding and safe access to Cannabis that is currently on the legal market.

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    End of life 

    Grazia Advocacy is available for consulting regarding hospice options, setting up living memorial ceremonies, Reiki (light touch), and End of Life transitioning through soft sound/music practices.